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CBDfx CBD capsule pills 200mg

CBDfx CBD Capsule Pills Pouch - 200mg (8pcs)

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CBD Capsule Pills 200mg

Convenient. Simple. Straightforward. You’re someone who wants your daily dose of CBD with a quick gulp of water, maybe alongside your other everyday vitamins. You’ll get that and more with our CBD Capsules, made from organically sourced hemp plants and carefully formulated into a powder that won’t upset your stomach, packed inside a pill that can be taken with or without food. Enjoy full-spectrum CBD — loaded with cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids, and vitamins, all in an easy-to-swallow and premium quality capsule. (8 x 25mg capsules per pouch, 200mg total CBD)

CBD Capsules Daily Dose

You already know the benefits of CBD, and you’re ready to work it into your daily nutritional regimen. But you’re the kind of person who wants a straightforward CBD supplement without needing to vape it – you want to simply gulp and go. If that’s you, you need CBD hemp oil capsules with no frills, just the good stuff: cannabinoids, amino acids, terpenes, and vitamins. Well, here it is: everything you’d expect from full-spectrum CBD pills made from totally organic, non-GMO hemp plants lovingly sourced from our partner European farms.

100% Organic CBD Powder 

Part of the appeal of CBD is that it works so well for many people as a daily nutritional supplement — and that means incorporating it into your everyday routine. Only you know the best way to make sure you get your daily dose, whether that’s via CBD edibles, vaping, or capsules like these. If you want our most straightforward product, our 200mg CBD capsule pouches are made as simply and cleanly as possible, so that you can take them on either an empty or full stomach.

Supplement Facts:

  • 200mg (8 capsules of 25mg each)

  • CBD oil gelatin capsules with organically-grown CBD

  • Made in the USA


- Hemp Oil (Aerial Plant Parts)

- CBD (Cannabidiol) 

- Silicon Dioxide

- Gelatin

Note: These products contain no more than 0.2% THC.

Please store this product in a cool, dark place avoiding any direct sunlight.