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Equilibrium CBD Deep Nourishing Skin Cream 400mg 100ml
Equilibrium CBD Deep Nourishing Skin Cream 400mg 100ml

Equilibrium CBD Deep Nourishing Skin Cream 400mg 100ml

Equilibrium CBD
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At Edens Gate we have some of the very best CBD balm UK has to offer with a wide range of the worlds best brands all in one place. Our CBD balm UK range from a range of strengths from 30mg up to 1000mg, allowing you to choose the best CBD balm most suitable for you. Our CBD balms UK also come in a wide range of sizes, types and prices offering something users really can find benefits from.

Our CBD balms UK contains only natural ingredients, infused with premium CBD sourced from reputable farms through Europe and the US. All CBD balms are lab tested and are compliant with the UK/EU legislation of under 0.2%THC.

CBD Balm For Pain

We know real benefits are what users are looking for, which is exactly why we have hand picked our list of CBD balms UK to offer our users something that really does help. When it comes to CBD balm for pain, many of our CBD ointments are infused with additional essential oils known for their healing abilities. Ingredients such as menthol and ginger allow a cooling and heating affect in order to loosen muscle and relieve pain. Whilst a high dosage of high quality CBD allows our CBD pain relief balm to really target the area of pain and reduce inflammation.

CBD Balm Uses & Effects

CBD topical products are often used for a wide range of applications and have been growing in popularity due to their wide rang of benefits and uses. Whether you are looking for CBD balm for back pain, wrist pain or neck pain we have everything you need right here. Users with conditions including arthritis have also found the balms or salves to be particularly beneficial with helping loosen up tight muscles and joint pain. When it comes to the type of balm, we have you covered from all angles. Here at Edens Gate we stock CBD lip balm, body balm, face balm and more for your desires.

CBD balm has been reported for its great benefits in helping relief general and chronic pain for users. Researchers published results of systematic reviews from a variety of studies and concluded substantial evidence between the effect of CBD pain relief balm UK and chronic pain benefits in adults.

Equilibrium CBD Deep Nourishing & Everyday Skin Cream 400mg.

This all natural topical skin cream contains 400mg CBD which is a whole plant full spectrum extract derived from organically grown hemp in the USA. The skin cream quickly absorbs and penetrates deep into the skin tissue and dermal layers for maximum bioavailability and benefit.

Directions for use
Apply to the affected area as needed and gently rub in. This is a concentrated formula so a little bit goes a long way. Don’t apply more than 4 times daily.
Suitable for all skin types

Enriched with raw cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, orange essential oil and 400mg Cannabidiol (CBD) full spectrum whole plant extract.

This product is made with food grade materials, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition.

Total content 100ml – packaging made from 100% recycled materials