CBD Capsules

At Eden’s Gate, we stock a large range of high-quality CBD products including CBD gummiesCBD oilCBD coffee and Chaga mushrooms which are increasingly paired with CBD. Our hemp capsules come with a huge range of health benefits from being a natural pain relief to having anti-inflammatory properties and helping with anxiety disorders. You can browse through the biggest and most renowned CBD brands on the market that have designed CBD pills and hemp capsules that are easy to consume, taste great and come in handy, travel-friendly containers to take on the go. Eden’s Gate has a range of CBD capsules so that you can choose your ideal strength and volume to suit you best. 

Benefits Of Hemp Capsules

Hemp capsules, also known as CBD capsules, are proven to help with a range of different health conditions such as pain relief and inflammation. Evidence also suggests that CBD capsules can help people to stop smoking as it reduces some symptoms associated with it, such as pain, insomnia, anxiety and mood-related symptoms. Science-backed research has also suggested that taking CBD supplements, like hemp capsules, CBD capsules and CBD gel tablets, also help to alleviate ALS symptoms, reduce PTSD symptoms, treat opioid addiction and much more.

Shop The Best CBD Pills Online

When you buy CBD capsules from Eden’s Gate, you can be sure that you’re purchasing the best CBD pills online at very competitive process. From Love CBD to CBDfx, you can find the most popular brands with all the most important information including suggested dose and ingredients to make sure you get the most out of your CBD pills.

Some of our ranges, such as the Love CBD Entourage range, contain a unique cocktail of legal cannabis strains that have been carefully chosen due to their diverse cannabinoid content. The cannabis extract in hemp capsules and CBD pills is sourced from cannabis grown in Ukraine, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. In these CBD capsules, there are only two ingredients: cannabis extract and coconut oil. Love CBD’s philosophy is to keep it simple and completely natural.

In the CBDfx range, the CBD pills include ingredients such as MCT oil, Gelatine and CBD Rich Hemp Oil. This range of supplements come with instructions on how many hemp pills you should take every day and what to eat them with. You can also find CBDfx CBD pills and CBD gel tablets that you can take with your daily vitamins easily with a sip of water. These CBD pills are created from organically sourced hemp plants that have been formulated into a powder that won’t upset your stomach and contain ingredients such as gelatin, silicon dioxide, CBD and help oil with no more than 0.2 THC.

CBD Capsules FAQS

Are CBD capsules safe?

All of the products that we sell online here at Eden’s Gate are safe. We are strict on the CBD capsules we import and only use US-based products as they have undertaken longer trial periods. All of our CBD capsules are lab tested and quality-assured.

What range of hemp capsules are available?

At Eden’s Gate, there are a huge range of capsules available from CBD pills, CBD gel tablets and hemp capsules. Each of these has been specially created to suit each person depending on how they like to take their hemp capsules. Other forms of CBD include CBD gummies, CBD gel tablets, CBD oils, CBD tea and much more if swallowing pills isn’t for you.

How do CBD pills make you feel?

CBD pills are used for a range of different reasons as stated above. Although with CBD you won’t get the ‘high’ feeling that you associate with cannabis or THC, it has been proven to relieve symptoms of anxiety and pain and can help you to feel more relaxed. Higher concentrations of CBD could cause an uplifting effect, however this is not the same thing as feeling high.


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