Our Journey as a Trusted CBD Company UK


CBD Company UK

 Here at Eden’s Gate, our number one priority is improving the lifestyle of our customers and their families. Our family run CBD supplement company was founded in the United Kingdom back in 2018 with the same commitment as it is today, inspiring hope and restoring happiness wherever possible.

Unlike many traditional CBD companies UK, our range is extensive so you can find unique products that suit your lifestyle, with various different formats, flavours and strengths available. From classic CBD oil UK and CBD buds UK to more fun formats such as CBD gummies, CBD tea UK and CBD cream UK, achieve the results you desire in a way that works for you.

 Cbd Supplement Company

Our Commitment as a Reputable CBD Supplement Company

  • Seed to shelf
    Finding CBD supplement companies you can count on is important, which is why we are fully transparent about our processes and products. Our range undergoes a thoroughly quality assured process and you can find more about our production methods here.
  • Purity & potency
    When shopping for your CBD products, look out for CBD companies UK who produce their goods in controlled lab environments. We guarantee no pesticides, solvents and nasties; just raw, good quality CBD.
  • Made by us
    To maintain our position as a reputable CBD company UK, we continue to oversee every aspect of the production with no third party involvement. All equipment is our own and we maintain our high standards in each and every product.
  • Fully certified
    We guarantee all of our products are 100% legal and safe to use. We never exceed the legal requirement of 0.2% THC so you can be sure that you are buying from the best CBD supplement companies.
  • Guaranteed consistency
    We undergo multi-batch testing for complete consistency in every product. With a thorough quality assurance process, you can have trust in every bottle we produce.

Enhancing Your Lifestyle with The Best CBD Companies UK

Whatever obstacles life throws your way, we are determined to help you become your best self. With the benefits of nutritional science and good quality ingredients, we have carefully created an extensive range so we can become one of the leading CBD supplement companies for people of all ages. Catering to all age groups, lifestyles and health conditions, our overarching aim is to help everyone become happier and healthier through a completely natural approach.

From our roots as a family run business, we don't believe in one-size-fits-all approach and provide targeted support for every aspect of human health, which is why our diverse range of wellness products are as unique as the users that trust them every day. We’re still supporting people in more ways than ever, being a name people trust for safe, balanced and effective support as a CBD supplement company.

Whatever your situation, ensure you buy from the best CBD company UK. If you have any more questions about our processes or would like to speak to a member of the Eden’s Gate team for some expert advice on the best products for you, we’d love to hear from you!

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