How Often Should You Use Shilajit

Shilajit is the latest buzzword to enter the supplement world and it’s easy to see why. Offering a wide range of health-related benefits, Shilajit is known for its mood-enhancing powers and ability to alleviate common symptoms in men and women, naturally supporting the immune system and more. With that in mind, we explain how often can you take Shilajit, best time to take Shilajit, and the advantages of Shilajit in our latest blog post.

What Is Raw Shilajit?

So, you want to learn more about Shilajit. Shilajit is a natural substance found mostly in the Himalayas, spanning across five key countries. Whilst it’s extremely potent, it’s a safe supplement used to restore energy and health. In fact, it was first used in India as a healing herb some thousands of years ago. Since then, raw Shilajit has become increasingly popular amongst those experiencing fatigue and lethargy for long-term relief.

How Often Can You Take Shilajit

Before you consume raw Shilajit, it’s helpful to know how often you can take it. More importantly, Shilajit is available in three forms: a resin, a powder, or a solid. Regardless of your preference, Shilajit is safe to consume on a daily basis. However, it’s important to start with a small dose and gradually increasing it. Generally speaking, a daily dose of 250mg to 1,000mg is recommended. 

Best Time to Take Shilajit

Now you understand more about raw shilajit and how often you can take it, the next question is what is the best time to take raw shilajit? Well, experts recommend taking shilajit in the early morning, on an empty stomach. This is because consuming it on an empty stomach is likely to increase energy levels and metabolism, providing you with the desired results. Depending on the form of shilajit you decide to consume, it is best to dissolve it in either milk or water.

Advantages Of Shilajit and Can You Take It With Other Supplements?

The advantages of shilajit differ significantly and can support both men and women in their daily lives. In addition to enhancing physical performance, shilajit supports cognitive function and strengthens the immune system. The supplement also contains fulvic acid which boasts anti-aging properties and aids detoxification. Furthermore, Shilajit is an excellent supplement for those experiencing stress and anxiety. This is because the supplement supports overall well-being, enhancing mental well-being and your mood.

Similar to other supplements available to purchase, shilajit is known for its hormone-balancing properties, too. It’s proven to support the reproductive health in both women and men and data suggests that may also support menstrual and menopausal symptoms, alleviating the impact of common symptoms such as hot flushes.

Whilst it’s safe to consume Shilajit alongside other supplements such as reishi mushroom products, it’s advisable to consult a health expert or doctor first to understand the effects of combining different supplements.

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