How To Make CBD Coffee

As it continues to grow in popularity, CBD is being added to a range of foods and beverages such as CBD tea, CBD coffee and CBD gummies. It’s a perfect way of getting your daily dose of CBD in a way that suits you, such as in your morning cup of tea or coffee.

Benefits of CBD Coffee

CBD is known for its many calming effects on the body and is becoming a staple in many people’s diets for overall wellness. However, when combined with coffee, it’s easy to wonder how the two can work in harmony. Contrary to popular belief, the energising effects of coffee and the calming effects of CBD work perfectly to give you the best of both worlds. With many options available, you can choose to buy premixed CBD coffee, or find out how to make CBD coffee.

Stress Relief

The usual buzz of energy that you get with your daily cup of coffee often leaves you feeling a little anxious and groggy. However, combining this with the calming effects of CBD helps you get the energy that you need with mood-balancing effects helping you stay alert whilst keeping relaxed.

Helps With Focus

It’s widely accepted that coffee can help you focus, however a little too much of it and you can find yourself feeling too alert for your own liking. With the balancing effects of CBD, CBD coffee can keep you focussed on your work or studying without the overly-alert, jittery effect.

Boosts Immune System

CBD is packed with benefits that can boost your immune system significantly. This means that if you regularly drink it, you may find your body responds better than normal to various infections or diseases.

How to Make CBD Coffee at Home

Adding CBD Oil to Coffee

CBD oil is a versatile way to get your daily dose of CBD. You can add it to your favourite food and drinks to experience the exciting flavours as well as to reap all the benefits. Although there are many CBD coffee’s already available to buy, many people prefer adding their own CBD to their cup of Joe to manage their dosage and the strength of their coffee.

Most people will add their CBD to their coffee once it’s already made. To try it yourself, make your usual cup of coffee with your preferred milk and sugar mixed in before placing a few drops of CBD oil into your cup. After you’ve learned how to make CBD coffee, we recommend starting with 15mg as a starting dose before working your way up if you feel it is necessary.

Adding CBD Oil to Coffee Granules

If you’re a more experienced CBD coffee drinker, you may take it a step further and infuse your coffee granules with CBD. Some people believe this is a more effective way to take CBD due to the time taken to infuse the granules. To try this yourself, you can simply grind your coffee beans and put them into a cafetiere as you normally would, then add hot water and CBD oil. After a few seconds of the mixture combining, you can pour your perfect CBD brew.

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