Understanding The Different Types of Shilajit: Powder, Resin, And Capsules

What Is Shilajit?

Shilajit is the latest buzzword in the supplement industry, growing increasingly popular among individuals looking to overcome fatigue and improve their overall well-being. Primarily found in the Himalayas, Shilajit is incredibly potetent and was first used as a healing herb thousands of years in India. Today’s it’s available in various forms, including pure shilajit resin, organic shilajit powder and a himalaya shilajit capsule which we explain more about below.

Best Forms of Shilajit

There are 3 different types of forms of shilajit including powder, resin and capsules. Here are the key differences between them:

Organic Shilajit Powder

Organic shilajit powder is a convenient way to consume shilajit as it can be easily miaxed into your drinks such as your tea or used to season food. However, one of the negatives of organic shilajit powder is that it can lose some of its properties and benefits in production, meaning you may not be getting the purest form. Despite this, it’s still very effective and is considered one of the most versatile forms of shilajit. 

Himalaya Shilajit Capsule 

Himalaya shilajit capsules are very similar to organic shilajit powder with the main difference being their form. However, many individuals prefer capsules because they offer greater versatility meaning they can be taken on the go or when it’s not possible to mix shilajit into a drink or take as part of a meal. While some properties may still be lost, Himalaya shilajit capsules remain effective and popular.

Pure Shilajit Resin

Pure Shilajit resin is the most popular form of Shilajit due to its density and purity. However, it’s also the most inconvenient to use. Its black, tar-like consistency makes it difficult to mix with water and is visually unappealing, making it difficult to consume. Despite this, it’s still the best option for health as it maintains all its properties, making it the purest form available on the market.

What Is The Best Forms Of Shilajit On The Market, And Why?

Overall, whule organic shilajit powder, himalaya shilajit capsules and pure shilajit resin are some of the best forms of shilajit on the market, your favourite is entirely down to preference. It’s important to consider the pros and cons of each form and why some of the shilajit forms may be easier to consume than others. For example, while organic shilajit powder and himalaya shilajit capsules offer convenience, pure shilajit resin remains the most potent of the best forms of shilajit.

When it comes to understanding how to take shilajit, it’s important to start with a small dose and gradually increase it. This is because doing so allows you to slowly introduce it into your diet, enabling you to track your progress without starting with a higher dose than needed to achieve your desired result.  

With three forms of shilajit available, it’s important to identify the best shilajit forms for you based on consumption and desired results. The sooner you do, the better, as you can then gradually increase your dose to determine the optimal amount needed to reap all of the supplement’s benefits. For more information and to purchase your pure shilajit resin or reishi mushroom, shop on our website today!

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