5 Key Benefits of CBD products for the elderly

CBD products for the elderly are growing in popularity due to people realising the numerous benefits that come alongside them. People of all ages can improve their quality of life with CBD and the elderly are no exception.

The older generation are more prone to health conditions which can really impact their quality of life. Many elderly people would not think to turn to CBD but the benefits of CBD for the elderly can really have a positive impact on their lifestyle.

Eliminate aches & pains

NHS research has shown that around 43% of people in the UK have to deal with chronic pain, and this increases to 62% in over 75’s. Struggling with body aches day-to-day can hold you back and there are more natural alternatives to medical pain relief.

CBD products are great for reducing aches and pains, our range of CBD pain relief cream soothes muscular and joint pains by activating your body’s endocannabinoids to reduce inflammation and swelling. Whether it be Arthritis or MS, the results of CBD can be surprising and help you feel younger by the day.

A good night’s sleep

Another common problem amongst the older generation is lack of sleep. Daily rest is essential to give your body energy and maintain your physical wellbeing, so a poor night’s sleep can put your body at risk of health problems. Don’t ignore your body, help it get the quality sleep it needs with CBD products for the elderly, including CBD gummies. CBD is known to help your body relax and drift off into a deep sleep to leave you feeling fresh and energised in the morning.

Reduce anxiety and depression

No age group is exempt from feeling anxious, stressed or depressed. Whether this is a temporary feeling caused from a tough life event, such as the passing of a loved one, or is an ongoing mental health battle, it is an unpleasant experience faced by many.

CBD oil is proven to reduce stress and anxiety without any side effects of dependencies. There are countless benefits of CBD for the elderly and we offer a range of different dosages and even a choice of different flavours, we recommend starting low and increasing to higher dosages (50mg+) if required.

Prevent pain killer dependencies

We know that body pains and health conditions often increase with age, and a go-to is common pain killer medication. Although this is great for temporarily pain relief, the body becomes resistant and a higher dosage is required, leading to a dependency. The excessive use of medication can have a detrimental impact on the body so CBD is a great alternative. There are many benefits of CBD for the elderly so it is a great option to alleviate any nasty side effects.

An increased appetite

Another common issue amongst older people is a loss of appetite. Not getting the nutrients and energy the body needs can have a negative impact on health and lead to deficiencies. CBD is shown to bring back appetite and will return the lost enjoyment of meal times, getting the body it’s well deserved goodness and nutrients.

Eden’s Gate offer a wide range of CBD products for the elderly and there’s bound to be a great option for everyone. Whether CBD tea and coffee is your thing or you’d rather go for a quick and easy CBD capsule, shop our range of premium CBD collections to find the right solution for you.

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