6 Everyday Anxieties CBD Can Soothe

Do you suffer from?

1. Obsessing over hypothetical situations

Can CBD help hypothetical stress?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to be present. Our thoughts are entertaining and it’s human nature to grab onto them and run. Unfortunately, our bodies don’t have the capacity to recognize when a story is real versus all in our heads. This means that we have a physiological response to our worries, whether we like it or not.

This means that we have a physiological response to our worries, whether we like it or not. Obsessing over a worry or story causes both physical and mental stress.

CBD can help with this**. Like other anxiety medications, CBD has a strong calming effect. However, it isn’t overly sedative and does not come with a host of uncomfortable side effects. The herbal compound is also a strong antioxidant, protecting your body from the physical effects of stress.

2. Social anxiety

Can CBD help social anxiety

Some people associate cannabis with increased social anxiety. While high doses of THC may be anxiety-provoking, CBD has the opposite effect. In a way, it’s like breathing in a breath of fresh air.

If you are nervous about going out in public or meeting a group of new people, the cannabinoid helps calm overexcitement in the brain**. It produces a mild, mellow sensation that allows conversations to flow easily without added nervousness.

3. Awkward silence

Can CBD help awkward silence anxiety

So, you’re chatting with someone you don’t know very well and all of a sudden, the conversation just trails off. You find yourself stuck in the dreaded limbo of awkward silence. Rather than shuffle away feeling a bit bummed by your odd interaction, wouldn’t it be nice if you just didn’t care?

Or were able to laugh and appreciate the awkwardness for what it was?

Enter CBD. The herbal supplement that helps you not give AF. Though this is a subjective experience and is difficult to measure, things just seem a little bit lighter with cannabidiol. Awkwardness is only really painful if you perceive it as being so. CBD changes your perspective slightly, enabling you to be more comfortable with things as they are.

4. Tight deadlines

CBD help with tight deadline stress

Short on time? Nah. Don’t worry. You got this. Stressing about a tight deadline only harms your performance and makes things take longer. It’s best just to forget about the stresses, sit down, and get things done. When you need a little help relaxing in a difficult situation, CBD is there to lend a hand**.

Since it’s non-psychoactive, you won’t feel mentally bogged down or easily distracted. Rather, you’ll feel carefree yet focused enough to bang out some quality work.

5. Performance anxiety

Can CBD help  performance anxiety

Performance anxiety is often associated with sexual dysfunction. Yet, there are all sorts of situations where this might come into play. Whether you’re nervous for a job interview or concerned about engaging with a new partner, obsessing over how you’ll perform is a sure-fire way to run into difficulties.

Yet again, the anti-anxiety properties of CBD can come to the rescue**. The compound cultivates all-around feel-good sensations of contentment. These mood-lifting properties help pull out of your own thoughts and back into the present. This means that you can give your partner (or anything else that demands performance) your full attention.

6) Public speaking

Can CBD help with publick speaking anxiety

There’s an actual human study behind this one. In 2011, a research team treated 24 social anxiety patients with either 600mg of CBD or a placebo in a double-blind, randomized trial. The patients were then subjected to a public speaking test. At various times during the experiment, scientists measured blood pressure, heart rate, skin conductance, and gave patients a mood evaluation.

Unsurprisingly, CBD outperformed the placebo in managing anxiety symptoms. The cannabinoid effectively reduced anxiety, boosted cognitive performance, and decreased alertness (anticipation, vigilance) than those given the placebo. This is excellent news for anyone with social anxiety but is especially awesome for those who struggle with public speaking.

As this research suggests, CBD actually improved cognitive performance during the presentation. This is a good sign that the herb may be preferable to common anti-anxiety drugs like benzodiazepines, which can make people feel groggy, slow, and unmotivated


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