Can CBD Help you Sleep?

Having trouble sleeping is a common occurrence for many, with one in 4 adults across the UK suffering with sleep loss according to the Guardian. From new mothers to those who are feeling stressed from their job, a lack of sleep can have a huge impact on day to day life. With sleep deprivation contributing to both mental and physical health issues, knowing how to get a good night’s sleep can make a huge different to your lifestyle.

Many people are on the hunt for new ways help them get a good night’s rest, and lots are turning to CBD oil for sleep aid. The Cannabidiol (CBD) connects to the body’s natural endocannabinoid system which impacts the receptors’ messaging to the brain. This process produces positive effects on the body, helping with pain relief, stress and anxiety levels and enhancing your mood.

Choosing the Best CBD Oil for Sleep

Although some non-users are reluctant to try out CBD oil for sleep with the misconception that it will impact their thinking and leave them feeling ‘high’, CBD is fully legal and safe to use. Using CBD oil UK will not fog the brain or disrupt thought processes, but is great for relaxing the body and reducing any stress which could be causing you to stay awake throughout the night. Unlike Cannabis, the brain altering effects and negative repercussions including paranoia and lack of motivation do not come alongside CBD. Although some people opt for THC due to the fact in can make them fall asleep faster, the quality of this decreases over time and can have a negative effect on the body. Make sure to check that the CBD oil for sleep you choose contains below the legal 0.2% level of THC, originating from a trusted supplier with lab tested products.

Regular users of high quality CBD oil have reported drifting off much easier in the evenings and put it down to how to get a good night’s sleep. In addition to falling asleep quicker, CBD improves the quality of rest by encouraging a deep sleep with minimal disruptions throughout the night.

Try it Out for Yourself!

If you have been struggling to get the rest your body needs, whether this be long term or due to a recent stress in your life, CBD oil for sleep is a popular natural aid worth trying out. If you are still wondering ‘can CBD help you sleep?’, trying out a low dosage of CBD oil about 30 minutes before you are going to sleep will help your body drift into a state of calm and relaxation. If you are unsure on the dosage, we always recommend starting low and then building this up as you feel necessary until you find the perfect amount to know how to get a good night’s sleep. Simply drop the CBD oil under your tongue, hold it there for at least 30 seconds and swallow it for the quickest absorption.

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