CBD/Cannabidiol Oil Vs Hemp Oil – How Do They Differ?

When looking into CBD products and supplements, you may also find hemp products available that offer similar health benefits. Whilst hemp and cannabis are both varieties of the same plant species, are they both different or the same thing? Depending on the types of products you’re looking for and the names used to describe them, it can quickly become unclear which is which, so here is a quick overview to help when considering both products.

What is CBD Oil and Hemp Oil?

One of the first things to consider when comparing CBD/Cannabidiol oil vs Hemp oil is the term ‘hemp oil’ itself, as it is used by many people to describe both types of product. However, CBD oil and Hemp seed oil are different. Where CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant, in particular the flowers, leaves and stalks, hemp seed oil comes from the seeds. The difference here is what each oil contains, with hemp seed oil rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamins B and D. This means hemp seed oil is used in some nutritional supplements and can help with lowering cholesterol as well as improving the immune system. However, hemp seed oil does not contain cannabidiol, meaning it does not have the therapeutic advantages of a dedicated CBD oil. On the surface, they may both seem the same, but because of how each is extracted from different parts of the plant, their effects on your body will differ.

How Both CBD Oil & Hemp Seed Oil Differ

CBD oil has more medicinal benefits than hemp seed oil, which is why here at Eden’s Gate we focus on pure 99% cannabidiol that is free of THC and solvents. Both products are produced differently too, with CBD oil extracted using super-critical CO2 extraction that turns it into a gas-liquid state that ensures only the purest chemicals are taken and elements like THC are left behind due to their psychoactive effects. Hemp seed oil is usually produced through cold-pressing the seeds into a highly concentrated oil.

With advantages including the relieving of stress and anxiety, muscle, and joint pain as well as sleep and relaxation, CBD oil can potentially help those requiring relief from many issues. Hemp seed oil is more notable for its nutritional advantages through ingestion or in beauty products, meaning both oils are beneficial to your body, just for very different reasons. What they both have in common is the lack of THC present, meaning no psychoactive side effects and no ‘high’ feeling from using them.

Choosing a Quality CBD Oil Product

At Eden’s Gate, we understand there may be confusion with CBD/Cannabidiol oil vs Hemp oil, but when compared, it's easy to see the differences each product has. Our CBD oils and supplements use organic hemp and are produced to the highest quality that is free of pesticides or antibiotics to provide a pure product. You can find out more about the different benefits of our supplements, as well as browse our full range of products including CBD tea, gummies and oils.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch today, or learn more about how our CBD is made here.

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