Does CBD reduce pain? An alternative to traditional pain medication

CBD for pain relief is growing in popularity thanks to its natural remedial characteristics. Marijuana has been used as a pain reliever for thousands of years, but more recently, CBD for pain has been discovered without the ‘high’ and risks that come with marijuana.

Many forms of research have been undertaken surrounding CBD for pain relief, and some studies have answered the question of ‘how does CBD reduce pain?’ by linking the THC to the endocannabinoids receptors in the brain. These receptors receive signals which help to regulate bodily functions including sleep and pain.

Reducing Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s reaction to an injury or threat, protecting the area with a build-up of fluid and increased blood flow. This can become painful and have an impact on the tissue and joints in the area over time. Using CBD products can reduce inflammation as the CBD binds with receptors connected to the central nervous system, blocking the chemical messages which cause inflammation. As well as CBD for pain, reducing inflammation increases mobility and lowers the risk of further side effects, helping ease the symptoms of various health conditions.

CBD for pain relief

If the cause of a pain is unknown, it is important to visit a medical professional to get a diagnosis before resorting to home remedies. For chronic pain, there is substantial research to show that CBD hemp oil UK can reduce pain. There are different dosages available so this can be increased if necessary, and there’s no evidence of CBD users building up an immunity. Although many worry about it becoming addictive, CBD for pain is fully safe and non-addictive.


Various studies have been carried out to investigate the effects of CBD for pain related to arthritis. The European Journal of Pain released a study describing the effect that CBD wax had on people with arthritis after 4 days of application. The results shown a significant reduction of pain and a drop in inflammation. Although results are not conclusive across researchers, there is significant findings that CBD for pain related to arthritis is helped when using CBD.

Migraine relief

Another condition CBD for pain relief is popular with is migraines. CBD usage has been shown to reduce the chance of migraine episodes during various studies, and help relieve pain for those suffering with headaches. In some cases, participants in studies have ended up replacing their usual prescription medication for CBD alternatives, a more natural way to reduce the pain.

With so many people wondering ‘does CBD reduce pain?’, why not try it for yourself? Although there are limitations surrounding the research of CBD for pain, there is sufficient evidence to show that CBD does effectively help with pain. CBD products are safe and fully legal if sold by trusted suppliers, and at Eden’s Gate, our products have been tested and quality assured. With so many variations of CBD for pain products to choose from, find the right solution for you and try a natural alternative to traditional pain relief medication.



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