How Do I Decide What Strength of CBD to Buy?

With so many different types of CBD product available to you and each available in different doses, it can be overwhelming to know what strength of CBD to buy. Especially you have not ventured into the world of CBD before, it can be tricky to get your head around how CBD works and what strength of CBD to buy but we promise that it is not as difficult as it may seem! We receive a lot of questions about how much CBD to take as a beginner but this totally depends on the individual; there are a lot of factors involved with knowing how much CBD to take, including your reason for taking it, your lifestyle, body size and the results you are looking to achieve. Here are some of the key aspects to bear in mind:

  • As with many substances, the higher the body mass of a person, the more CBD that will be required to give the desired effects.
  • Everyone’s body is different, reacting to medication and other supplements in unique ways. There is no one size fits all approach and it can take some trial and error to find out what strength of CBD suits you best.
  • If you are suffering with a medical condition, your body may react to regular doses in different ways. Your doctor should be able to advise on the recommended dosage and how to take this in accordance with your existing medication.
  • If you are using CBD for pain relief purposes, you will likely require a higher dosage than those who are looking to use it as an aid for relaxation or anxiety.
  • Different products will absorb the CBD more than others. For example, CBD oil UK is taken directly into the mouth whereas products like CBD cream UK are absorbed through the skin for less of an impact on the whole body.

If you are deciding on how much CBD to take, we will always recommend starting with a lower dosage and increasing it as you feel necessary until you find the perfect amount for you. A CBD oil allows you to trial different amounts to measure the results on your body but if you would rather opt for a product with a carefully measured dosage, CBD gummies UK will allow you to keep up consistency. Our range of products start from drinks infused with 10MG of CBD and range to dosages as high as 3500MG in our strongest CBD oil, so there is always an option out there for everyone. Our product descriptions contain plenty of information on the recommended dosage to give you some guidance, we’d normally say to start at the lower end and build on this as required.

Our professional team at Eden’s Gate are experts within the industry and as always, are more than happy to offer you advice tailored to your individual needs if you are still unsure how much CBD to take. We are on hand to discuss your needs and recommend what strength of CBD to buy, suggesting some products that we think would provide you with great results.

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