How to Identify Trusted CBD Brands

With so many web results nowadays, it can be tricky to identify the trusted CBD brands from the scams and poor quality products. With no official regulations in the CBD industry, telling if CBD is real is not always easy but there are ways of identifying high quality CBD without having too much knowledge on the industry. Here are the top 3 things we recommend to keep an eye out for when searching for your CBD oil UK or CBD gummies UK.

The Source of CBD Oil

You will often find that trusted CBD brands are transparent with their processes. It is best to look out for brands who extract CBD oil from agricultural hemp which is proven to be grown under safe conditions. Some poor quality CBD products may be derived from CBD which has been extracted from illegal marijuana and is likely to contain THC. THC is an illegal compound which creates the ‘high’ associated with marijuana, it is always important to check that the contents of your CBD products is below 0.3%.

The Manufacturing Process

Due to the lack of industry regulations, you may find that many brands use different methods to extract the CBD oil. The extraction process should be professionally undertaken to avoid damaging the cannabinoids and only bottle the targeted chemicals, achieving only the purest CBD and leaving behind any unwanted nasties. When identifying high quality CBD products, avoid ingredients such as propane, butane and other toxic components which may be harmful. An unusually low price point may be a key indicator when telling if CBD is real; using quality ingredients doesn’t come that cheap.

Third-Party Certifications

Another key way of telling if CBD is real is through any evidence of laboratory testing or regulatory procedures. Any CBD products that contain impurities, low levels of CBD or over 0.3% of THC will not pass testing and are unlikely to have any lab results to display. Trusted CBD brands are always likely to display the fact they are lab tested to portray themselves as reputable on their website, without third party testing you cannot be sure that the CBD was produced in an ethical way.

At Eden’s Gate, we pride ourselves on our responsible processes which have led us to become one of the leading trusted CBD brands. Our production process strictly uses organic hemp which we derive from reputable farmers in the U.S since their methods are considered the safest, most sustainable and have been profound over longer trial periods. We can guarantee that pesticides and toxic chemicals are never used to produce any of our CBD oil and our products are not genetically modified in any way. You can be assured that our products contain 0.2% or less of THC and are 100% lab tested and quality assured, but if you would like to speak to one of our industry professionals to learn more about identifying high quality CBD then do not hesitate to get in touch.

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