How to Make CBD Tea

More and more people are turning to CBD as a staple in their lifestyle, squashing common myths and learning about the benefits that are associated. Most commonly, CBD is taken through CBD oil UK which is used by placing drops underneath the tongue that are absorbed to provide slow releasing effects.

For those who are looking to try something new or take their CBD in a more tasty way, CBD tea UK and CBD coffee are becoming a must-have for many consumers. Combining your wake-me-up morning cuppa or night time green tea with CBD oil allows you to feel the effects of CBD through a warming cup of tea, a pleasant experience all around.

Understanding How to Make CBD Tea

If you’re looking to try out CBD tea for yourself, there are two main methods to choose from.

  1. For those who are looking to dilute the taste of CBD oil, adding their drops into their regular cup of tea seems like a good option. The issues with this are that the oil will separate from the water, floating to the surface and causing a split between the two. In addition, this process reduces the amount of CBD that gets into your system as little is absorbed, making its way through the body and being flushed out with the liquids. If you’re looking into how to make CBD tea slightly more effective at home, try using full fat milk or oil based products which can increase the bioavailability slightly more.


  1. A more effective way to get the most from CBD tea is to purchase premade CBD teas. When you buy specialist products from a trusted retailer, you can be confident that you are consuming a consistent dosage without the need for measuring and will not need to worry about separation. When shopping around, look for reputable stockists who are transparent with where they source their CBD from and detail the amount of CBD which is included in each tea bag.

The Benefits of CBD Tea

One of the main reasons that people look to switch from traditional CBD oil to CBD tea is the taste. The distinctive taste of CBD tends to be inoffensive, but for those who would prefer to take a different route and enjoy a warming cup of flavoured tea, learning how to make CBD tea for themselves is at the top of their list.

If you use reputable CBD tea suppliers, the process of drinking CBD tea can mean your body ingests more of the CBD in comparison to taking drops underneath the tongue, helping you to feel the effects with a smaller dose than you may be used to.

To give CBD tea a go for yourself, shop our range of CBD teas online in a variety of deliciously comforting flavours. With 5mg of CBD per tea bag and 0% THC, enjoy the natural taste of our refreshing range for yourself.

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