Is CBD addictive if CBD products are used daily?

Many people are put off the idea of trying CBD products due to the common misconceptions associated, leaving them wondering ‘is CBD addictive?’. Those who have not used CBD before should not be deterred, CBD is safe to use, fully legal and does not initiate dependencies.

Is CBD addictive?

There has been many forms of research carried out surrounding the effects of using CBD, and conclusions have been drawn to show no links to abuse or addiction. Unlike the use of illegal cannabis, a class B drug, daily use of CBD does not give the same side effects and potential for abuse.

Although there is substantial proof that CBD is not addictive, there is less agreement surrounding the reasons why. A common trigger of addiction is pleasure; with many addictive substances, such as drugs and caffeine, producing a burst of pleasure, it leads to a desire to continue using the substance. CBD does not have any psychological effects, the risk of abuse and addiction is considered very low by scientists. Unlike smoking marijuana, CBD does not alter judgements and perceptions and cannot be dangerously overdosed so is considered significantly safer.

An extensive study undertaken by the World Health Organisation (WHO) investigated the affect CBD has on the human body. The study released research to show that CBD is non-addictive and there is no evidence that it can lead to any dependencies. You can be confident that trying out our CBD products at Eden’s Gate will not risk addiction.

With I experience withdrawals if I stop using CBD?

Although everyone’s body is different, research has not confirmed withdrawals from CBD. Although those who stop using CBD after long periods of time may miss the feeling of relaxation and calm it brought them, it does not cause any withdrawal effects. There is no information to suggest what a CBD withdrawal would even look like as there has been no notable side effects during medical trials.

Some people have been using high doses of CBD for a long period of time to manage their health problems and reduce their levels of pain. CBD is safe to use daily and the relieving effects of it fade slowly, meaning users do not get the sudden loss of effect making them crave more.

In fact, CBD is often recommended for those trying to combat addiction to THC and other addictive drugs. THC withdrawal symptoms can include feeling irritable, restless, and weak whilst craving more. CBD can help with these withdrawal symptoms as they can ease the side effects in a safe and non-additive manner, giving the body a chance to gradually ease the withdrawal symptoms.

Is it safe for me to try CBD?

Many people can benefit from the use of CBD products, they are fully safe to use and come with no common side effects, no more need to wonder ‘is CBD addictive’. There are a whole host of different products available to suit your requirements, whether you’d prefer to try daily CBD gummies or classic CBD hemp oils. There are different doses available so you can begin on a lower dose whilst trialing the product and gaining the benefits CBD has to offer.

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