The latest on CBD in tampons: Do CBD tampons work?

The CBD world is forever growing, with more and more people being converted thanks to the benefits CBD products can bring. From popular CBD oils UK to more unique offerings such as CBD hemp tea bags, we like to keep our product range varied to provide great options for everyone. However, one of the latest topics in the industry is CBD in tampons... but do CBD tampons work or is it a step too far?

Do CBD tampons work?

As of 2020, CBD in tampons have made it to the market, but with no evidence of working and obvious concerns over safety, people are hesitant to buy into the idea. I’m sure you are curious to know more about CBD in tampons, as were we, so we’ve delved into the world of CBD tampons to answer the question we all want to know, do CBD tampons work? A tampon with CBD oil looks and feels the same as a regular tampon, but it contains cannabidiol with the aim of reducing pain. Once inserted, the tampon with CBD oil is meant to distribute the CBD into the body to relieve the pain of period cramps.

With many women struggling with period cramps every month, a tampon with CBD oil may seem like an appealing option, with women trying anything they can to relieve the pain. As of now, there is no data to say whether wearing a tampon with CBD oil will help reduce your cramps, although some consumers have tested it for themselves, no sufficient research has been released.

Alternatives to CBD in tampons

According to Healthline, a massive 32 to 40% of women state that they suffer with period pains so severe that they are required to skip work or school. It is no wonder that women are turning to new methods in the hope of success. Using CBD products to relieve pain is one thing, but inserting CBD directly into such a sensitive area of your body is another. We tend to recommend using CBD pain relief cream UK to soothe the area of the cramps or taking CBD gummies UK for pain relief, CBD products are known for their pain relieving qualities across a range of forms.

When considering buying a product, especially one of such nature, it is important to carry out some checks before buying. Ensure you read through the ingredients to identify and potentially unsafe ingredients inside which could cause irritation. It is wise to opt for lab tested products which have been certified for use and deemed safe, a bit of research goes a long way. At Eden’s Gate, our CBD products are 100% lab tested and deemed safe to use, containing 0.2% or less of THC as per the UK guidelines. If you would like any advice on the best CBD products for pain relief or period cramps, do not hesitate to contact us for some guidance from our expert team.

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