Unique Manuka Honey Uses You’ve Never Thought Of

The unique formulation of manuka honey is derived from the pollinated Manuka Bush which is native to New Zealand and Australia, offering a range of unique benefits which go above those of traditional honey. With antibacterial properties that make it great for a range of different health conditions and concerns, learn more about the powerful natural effects so you can get the most from your manuka honey UK. We’ve pulled together some of the lesser known manuka honey uses which you can try for yourself, embracing the range of impressive properties to make it a staple part of your lifestyle.

Improve oral health

Many consumers are not aware of the oral health benefits when it comes to manuka honey uses, not associating the product with a healthy mouth. In fact, manuka honey is shown to attack harmful bacteria which can minimise plaque build-up, inflammation of the gums and tooth decay, all whilst not affecting the good bacteria which works to keep your mouth healthy.

Speed up the healing of wounds

With natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties, one of the most unusual manuka honey uses is on wounds, burns and sores. By applying a thin layer on the affected area, the manuka honey creates a protective barrier to prevent infection and maintain a moist environment, encouraging the recovery process to speed up healing time. Some studies have also shown that the application of manuka honey also contributes to reduced pain, minimising the amount of discomfort felt during the healing process.

Reduce the symptoms of digestive conditions

Manuka honey uses also span to the digestive system, offering relief from a range of common health conditions. With studies having been undertaken into Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis and associated symptoms such as constipation, diarrhoea, stomach pain and irregular bowel movements, the manuka honey reduces inflammation and attacks the harmful bacteria to ease discomfort.

Ease the pain of a sore throat

We’ve all been there, struggling to get a good night’s sleep or switch off from the discomfort of a sore, scratchy or tickly throat. These manuka honey uses will become invaluable, providing some much appreciated relief from the symptoms of a sore throat by attacking the harmful bacteria. The manuka honey will create a protective lining on the throat and reduce any inflammation, soothing the pain so you can suppress the discomfort for some well needed relief.

Help with common skin conditions

Although manuka honey uses aren’t often considered from an external point of view, applying a thin layer to areas of concern can provide powerful results to the skin. By keeping your skin free of bacteria and fighting the cause of acne, the powerful antimicrobial properties can offer relief for those suffering with painful skin conditions. Especially when used in combination with other low PH ingredients that are known to help with conditions such as acne, the natural approach can go a long way.

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