Using CBD Tea Bags Effectively

We all have our own preferences when it comes to brewing the ultimate cup of tea, perfecting the art of our morning cuppa. Whether you like a comforting milky tea first thing in the morning to warm your body or a relaxing herbal tea before heading off to bed in the evening, does this have to change when using CBD tea bags?

Combining the power of CBD with your favourite flavour infusions, CBD tea UK allows you to feel the benefits of CBD whilst enjoying your wind-down time with a mug of warming tea. When it comes to flavour, we haven’t cut corners; our range of CBD tea utilises unbeatable flavour combinations and natural ingredients to provide your taste buds with an exceptional experience from start to finish.

CBD tea

How to Use CBD Tea Bags

Once you’ve picked out your flavour, knowing how to use CBD tea bags the most effectively can help you make the most from your cuppa. To really extract the best taste possible and ensure that you are consuming your desired dosage of CBD, follow these simple steps for maximum impact:

  • To compliment the subtle flavours in the herbal infusion, using fresh water helps to maintain the perfect balance of tastes. Using spring water or filtered water when using CBD tea bags will ensure you capture all of those delicious undertones.
  • Boil your water and add one tea bag per cup of boiling water. If you choose to increase your dosage for a stronger brew, you can use two tea bags per portion to reach the desired strength.
  • To allow the CBD tea bags to reach their full potential, leave the tea to brew for a minimum of 3-6 minutes, waiting up to 10 minutes if you’re looking to reach full strength. Once you have been using CBD tea bags for a few days, you will be comfortable knowing how to use CBD tea bags to achieve your desired strength.
  • Once you have removed and discarded the tea bags, feel free to add any other ingredients if you prefer a sweeter or more flavoursome taste. Honey, lemon and forms of sweetener are all great ways to adapt your CBD tea bags to suit your palette and create your perfect daily cup of tea.
CBD tea

Regularly Using CBD Tea Bags

Many consumers opt for using CBD tea bags at the same time each day to become a part of their daily routine. To keep your pack of tea fresh, we recommend storing them in a cupboard away from light and heat in sealed packaging or airtight containers to retain their full flavour.

At Eden’s Gate, we only stock the highest quality of CBD products which are brimming with natural ingredients and zero percent THC. With 5% of CBD per tea bag, there is no need to worry about measuring out your required dosage, you can enjoy your delicious cup of tea with no hassle.

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