What Are The Effects of CBD Coffee?

You might be thinking about how CBD and coffee working together shouldn’t be possible – surely they cancel each other out? However, contrary to popular belief, CBD and coffee complement each other perfectly and you can experience the best qualities of each in one tasty drink. To find out what CBD coffee does and what the effects are of CBD coffee, continue reading below. 

How Does CBD Coffee Work? 

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant and is known for its non-psychoactive effects on the body, unlike its counterpart, THC. Instead of the ‘high’ feeling that you associate with cannabis, CBD actually has a whole host of benefits that can help those with chronic pain, joint pain, stress, anxiety, depression and many more. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and can be taken daily in many forms to get its full effect. One of those forms is a popular hot drink… enter CBD coffee.

CBD oil works with the endocannabinoid system in the human body that coordinates the immune system as well as pain, emotion, appetite, memories and many other functions. CBD has a huge range of benefits that can help to lift your mood, alleviate stress and anxiety, relieve pain and help you get a better night’s sleep. Many who suffer from sleep disorders have epilepsy episodes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and more have been known to use CBD as a daily supplement to help manage their condition with many seeing very positive results.

What Does CBD Coffee Do?

The CBD in the coffee helps to balance out all the unwanted side effects of coffee and can help you to feel alert and focused without the heart palpitations and anxiety that might come with it. This means you can combine the buzzy, energetic effects of coffee and combine it with the calming, mood-boosting and stress relieving benefits of CBD to create an uplifting drink that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Many people who drink CBD coffee throughout the day have reported many notable benefits including pain relief, stress relief and reduced inflammation. If coffee isn’t your thing, CBD is combined with a range of other popular drinks and foods such as CBD tea and CBD gummies!

What Are The Effects of CBD Coffee?

Energy Boosting

When you drink a cup of coffee, the caffeine mimics adenosine (which carries energy around the body) in your bloodstream and binds to their receptors. This blocks the pathways that signal to your brain that your body needs rest, making you feel less tired and more energised. This is where the CBD comes in and complements the ‘buzzy’ effects of coffee as you get a calming yet energised boost when you drink your daily dose of caffeine.

Improved Focus

The unique combination of CBD and coffee gives you the perfect jolt of energy and focus whilst keeping you calm. This allows you to focus on work or revision with the energy to be productive without the counter-productiveness of the jitters.

Better Digestive Balance

CBD is a type of cannabinoid which is a group of compounds found in the cannabis plant. These cannabinoids act on the endocannabinoid system in the human body which influences digestion. Taking a daily supplement of CBD can help to promote better digestive balance because the endocannabinoid receptors are present throughout the whole digestive system.

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