Best Collagen Supplements

Collagen is a major protein within the body, strengthening your bones and giving your skin and muscles their structure. At Eden’s Gate we offer a range of the best collagen powders, tablets, proteins and vitamins to help maintain your body’s collagen levels. There are a whole host of benefits from taking regular collagen pills or collagen supplements known to help improve many common conditions.

The Best Collagen Powder & Supplement Range

We can guarantee the best collagen powder quality and can assure you that collagen vitamins and collagen pills are safe to use, with no common side effects. As with all supplements, you should ensure they are a safe option for you, but generally our products offer the best collagen supplements for improving the health of bones, muscles, skin and hair with no nasty side effects.

We offer an extensive range of collagen pills bound to contain the best collagen supplement option for you. We use specialised ingredients such as hydrolysed marine collagen, which is easily absorbed into the body and is rich in amino acids, or collagen peptides which are a more broken down form of collagen to better absorb into the bloodstream. Collagen peptides are also contained within our liquid collagen, a drinkable collagen supplement for those who would prefer a liquid collagen supplement over a collagen pill.

4 Key Benefits of Collagen Pills and Collagen Vitamins

The best collagen supplements offer a whole host of benefits whilst being safe to use. There are many people, including the elderly, who could benefit from taking collagen pills or collagen vitamins to help with their overall health.


  • Collagen pills are beneficial for the elderly as it helps strengthen the skin. Over time, the collagen levels produced by your body lessen which leads to weaker skin and wrinkles, collagen vitamins can slow down this process.

  • Hair and nail strength can be improved collagen vitamins. It is known to stimulate their growth and prevent breaking, leading to longer and healthier nails and hair.

  • Another one of the best collagen powder benefits is the improvement of muscle strength. Collagen is a vital protein for functioning muscles which makes collagen pills great for those with a loss of muscle mass. It is also beneficial after exercise as it encourages muscle growth.

  • The best collagen powders beneficial for the heart. A lack of collagen can contribute to heart related problems such as strokes and heart attacks as the collagen maintains the structure of arteries, without the best collagen levels, they can become weak.

Choose the Best Collagen Supplement for you

With so many options available, we understand it may be tricky to choose the best collagen supplement for you, whether that be collagen pills, collagen vitamins or the best collagen powder. The team at Eden’s Gate are always on hand to guide you in the right direction, so contact us if you have any queries or need some advice on the best collagen powder or tablets.

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