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Like traditional bath bombs, the CBD bath products in our range are made primarily from essential oils for a relaxing scent and moisturising ingredients for smooth skin. The difference with a CBD bath bomb is that the popular hemp extract offers many restorative benefits and can be easily absorbed by the skin when pores open up.

When submerged in warm water, the hot water allows your body to relax easily after a long day. As you soak in warm water, this increases the body temperature and loosens the muscles. Add a CBD bath bomb and this can help the perfect tension release. Beneficial as an anti-inflammatory, a CBD bath bomb can also help to reduce pain. After your bath, you can also use CBD oil UK to help restore the health of the skin and balance moisture with nutrients in the hemp extract.

A CBD bath bomb can also help to improve mental clarity, as it melts the stresses away from your busy day and improves your mood greatly. It also allows your mind to rest, so it can perform at its best.

You can even add Epsom salts to your CBD bath bomb as they work very well together; the salts can draw out harmful toxins from your body and assist in helping to restore balance. Alongside CBD bath products, Epsom salts can also help with mood stabilisation, overall health improvement and sore muscle relief.

Our CBD bath products, including the popular CBD bath bomb is safe for you and your bathtub. Unlike other bath bombs, no residue is left behind. They are not intended to cure or prevent a disease, but they can make for the perfect relaxing bath experience that you deserve after a long day at work.

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At Eden’s Gate, we stock some of the most renowned brands, including CBD Leaf and CBD Eaze. This range is popular with our customers, as each CBD bath bomb is beneficial in a different way; choose between a sensual, relaxation, muscle relief, energise, love and focus that make for the perfect bath time. All the CBD Leaf collection is available in 50mg strength of full spectrum CBD and are vegan-friendly.

The CBD bath products by CBD Eaze are available with a 100mg strength and full spectrum CBD. The CBD bath bomb range by CBD Eaze, have been designed with combined essential oils, salts and CBD that helps to promote relaxation.

We also stock Canna Magic Handmade 100mg CBD bath bombs; choose the flavour you want to indulge in the bath. From lavender to relax and peace, whatever you want to benefit from, you can with our CBD bath bomb range that can assist with treating sore muscles, softening rough skin, calming anxiety and acting as a humidifier.

If you would like more information about our CBD bath products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We can advise you on the best CBD bath bomb for your soothing bath, allowing you to make the most of CBD.


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