Our CBD vape pens UK allow you to take your daily dose of CBD in a quick and convenient way. The lightweight materials and portable size makes taking your CBD vape on the go is easier than ever before, making them a popular alternative to traditional methods such as CBD oil UK. As well as being quick and easy, enhance the process by choosing your favourite flavour of CBD liquid which is used in your CBD vape pen UK, so you can enjoy the delicious taste as well as the benefits.

Our range of CBD vape pens UK are manufactured using only organic, full spectrum CBD which is quality tested and certified for use in the UK, never exceeding 0.2% THC. To help you get the most from your CBD pen UK, choose your preferred dosage to help you achieve maximum results and allow you to keep on track of your consumption. By using your CBD vape pen UK to inhale the CBD dosage that is right for you, enjoy almost instant pain relief and calming benefits, at Edens Gate we offer a variety of vaping products.


At Eden’s Gate, we keep our selection of CBD vapes extensive so everyone can find the CBD product for them. When looking for a CBD vape pen UK, browse through our collection of different colours and flavours in varying strengths so you can find just what you are looking for at an affordable price. Some of our most popular favours include Strawberry and Lemonade, Tropic Breeze, Pineapple Express, Fresh Mint and Blue Raspberry so you can satisfy your sweet tooth when using your CBD pen UK.

Due to the CBD pens UK being disposable, you can make the most of your usage before disposing of the finished product. Whether you enjoy your CBD vape pen at home or bring it with you as you are on the go, the compact size and all in one design makes it perfect for travel so you don’t have to worry about bringing the pen and juice separately.


Unlike some other CBD vape pens UK, yours will arrive already assembled and fully charged so you start using it in no time. There is no need to worry about finding chargers or compatible vape juices as we send out your CBD pen UK ready to go, being setup correctly so it does not require any fiddly assembly. Simply open the product, savour the taste of your chosen flavour as you inhale and dispose of the empty packaging once finished.

Each of our products come with a full description on how to use the CBD pen UK, giving detailed instructions on how to use the product for best results and ensuring you are using it correctly. Once you click the button, you will be able to inhale the vape juice and consume the amount you choose, with full flexibility depending on your preferences. For those who are new to using a CBD vape pen UK, start by taking small puffs and gradually increase these as you learn your tolerance and required strength. Once you are comfortable using your CBD pen UK, inhaling bigger puffs will allow you to achieve stronger results in a quicker time frame.

If you are unsure on the best CBD vape pen UK for your needs or have any questions about correct usage, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our expert team are always on hand to offer some friendly advice and provide you with additional information on our range of CBD pens UK.


Are CBD vape pens UK safe to use?

Now recognised as a medicine, CBD products, including our CBD vape UK, have been tested to ensure that the quality and safety of CBD is suitable for users to consume or inhale. After carrying out multiple studies, CBD products are legally considered by the MHRA.

Can CBD pens UK help with my chronic medical condition?

CBD oil, known as cannabidiol, is one of the many active cannabinoids which help to keep the body balanced and regulated. Cannabinoids have been proven to provide therapeutic benefits for those suffering from medical conditions that are associated with an imbalance in the body’s homeostasis. Popular uses for CBD vape pens UK include those seeking pain relief for arthritis, chronic pain, acne, menopause, Crohn’s Disease, depression, anxiety, panic disorder and insomnia, to name a few. Studies are continuously being conducted to identity the effects on obesity, epilepsy, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease also.

Do I need to buy E juice for my CBD vape?

To make things as easy as possible, our range of CBD pens UK arrive ready to use. The disposable nature of our CBD vapes mean they are pre-filled with your choice of flavour so you can use it immediately and dispose of the empty pen once it is finished.

Does CBD vape taste nice?

We stock a wide range of different flavours so you can try out the unique combinations and pick out your favourite. We use natural flavourings which create a delicious taste, making the process of consuming your CBD an enjoyable one. Whether you choose to opt for a classic flavour or are looking to try some of our more exotic offerings, have a browse through our collection and see what takes your fancy!

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