Natural Sleep Aids

If you find yourself tossing and turning, lying awake into the small hours, natural sleep aids offer a safe way to ensure you drift off peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated. Whether you suffer from long-term insomnia or are going through a bout of sleeplessness brought on by stress, we have a great range of natural sleep aids that could hugely impact the amount of shut eye you get. The product range includes Melatonin and Serotonin natural sleeping pills and supplements as well as passionflower herbal tea for sleep. Shop natural sleeping pills, gummies and teas at Eden’s Gate now and wake up better rested tomorrow.

Natural Sleeping Pills

At Eden’s Gate, our range of natural sleep aids includes three main types of products. These are Melatonin-based natural sleeping tablets and gummies; 5-HTP natural sleeping pills and passionflower herbal tea for sleep. All have been found to offer fantastic benefits, but you may find that one works better for you than the others, and this will be down to the cause of your sleeplessness and personal preference.

Our Melatonin natural sleeping tablets and gummies are a manmade version of the natural hormone produced by our bodies to regulate sleeping patterns. They can help you fall asleep faster and make you less likely to wake up in the middle of the night. These natural sleeping pills are fantastic for short-term sleep issues such as jet lag. Here at Eden’s Gate, we have a fantastic range of this natural sleep aid, available in tablet and gummy form to suit your preferences. Melatonin gummies should not be given to children without seeking medical advice.

Another option is 5-HTP natural sleeping pills. 5-Hydroxytryptophan is an amino acid that is naturally found in your body, and which is then used to produce Serotonin. If you suffer from reduced Serotonin levels, this natural sleep aid brings your levels back up to normal which can not only help you sleep better but can also help with depression and anxiety .

Herbal Tea for Sleep

You should check with your doctor before taking natural sleeping tablets, especially if you have underlying health conditions, take prescription drugs, or are pregnant or breastfeeding. If natural sleeping pills are not suitable for you, a great alternative is our passionflower herbal tea for sleep. Passionflower has sedative and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects and is completely safe for most people to take as a natural sleep aid, with very few cases of adverse reactions known. Having a cup of delicious passionflower herbal tea for sleep right before bed each evening is a great way to treat long-term insomnia.

Shop Natural Sleeping Tablets and Teas Online

Here at Eden’s Gate, we supply a fantastic range of high-quality, safe natural sleep aids available with fast delivery to the UK and beyond. We also have a range of CBD edibles which can help promote better sleep, view the range today. If you have any questions about the natural sleeping pills and herbal tea for sleep in our online store, don’t hesitate to contact Eden’s Gate and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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