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Banana Kush CBD Wax

Shop our banana Kush CBD wax from 0-5g-3.5g. A unique concentrated blend of full spectrum CBD. Free delivery on all orders to the UK over £50.
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Banana Kush CBD Wax is a Indica dominant hybrid giving the full notes of pungent earth & sweet cream, with a relaxed entourage effect with every application. 

A unique concentrated blend of full spectrum CBD, accompanied by a wide array of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids for a sweet & potent taste. 

Made through the cleanest methods of extraction our Banana Kush CBD Wax is also GMO, pesticide and solvent free, for a clean taste and safe application.  Completely free from any synthetic compounds, our CBD shatter is one of the purest sources of CBD available today, with a wide range of exciting applications to get your daily dose of CBD.

These extract products are completely naturally extracted and have been subjected to extensive laboratory tests, for authenticity confirmation and quality control.


  • GMO, pesticide and solvent free
  • Free Delivery For Orders Over £50
  • Clean CBD extraction methods



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How To Use

Most users of CBD concentrates find best use from dabbing or vaping the concentrate or any other related methods of inhaling. However that doesn't mean there aren't other applications:

Perfect for: sublingual ingestion, dabs, cooking, creating your own oils, hash substitute.


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