CBD Balm For Muscle & Joint Relief - 2500MG
CBD Balm For Muscle & Joint Relief - 2500MG
CBD Balm For Muscle & Joint Relief - 2500MG
CBD Balm For Muscle & Joint Relief - 2500MG
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CBD Balm For Muscle & Joint Relief - 2500MG

CBD, Menthol, Ginger & Arnica - The best formulation for muscle and joint pain relief with a rapid healing effect. The Strongest CBD Pain Relief Solution.
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CBD, Menthol, Ginger & Arnica - The Most Sophisticated formulation for muscle and joint pain relief with a rapid healing effect. 

The Strongest CBD Pain Relief Solution. 

The Edensgate CBD 2500MG Pain Relief Balm uses only organic natural ingredients in all CBD balm products offering a truly gentle product known for its natural healing effects without the use of synthetic compounds. 

  • Certified Organic
  • Scientifically Proven Ingredients 
  • 2500MG Full Spectrum CBD
  • Great Value For Money
  • Raid & Lasting Effects
  • Natural Pain Relied - No Synthetic Compounds
  • 60ML

Star Ingredients:

  • CBD: Anti-oxidant, anti-redness, soothing, calming, increases circulation, accelerates renewal. Reduce scarring. Balance sebum / oiliness of skin. Reducing swelling and aches in inflamed muscles. 
  • Vitamin E: Reduce scarring
  • Menthol: Known for its muscle relaxing properties aimed to aid muscle & joint pain. Creates a heating and cooling effect to promote pain relief.
  • Ginger:  Helps relieve muscle and joint pain particularly that comes with conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. In addition to helping relieve pain, ginger may help to prevent some of the side effects associated with conventional painkillers

Optimum Ratio Of Omega Fatty Acids

  • CBD
  • Organic honey with trace amounts of propolis & pollen
  • Triglycerides (coconut oil) Anti-oxidants
  • Vitamin E
How To Use

 Apply to the target area of pain and massage into the skin until fully absorbed. Once the heating/cooling effect has been noticed, give the muscle or body part a light stretch or movement to help relax and improve rehabilitation within the body part. 

For most significant results, apply the relief balm every 3-4 hours throughout the day. 

Other Daily Habits To Help Muscle & Joint Pain:

  • Drink Plenty Of Water: Staying properly hydrated is always a key to helping your muscle and joints stay flexible and pliant.
  • Light Exercise: Keeping your muscles on the move can help reduce stiffness and cramping of the muscles & joints
  • Hot & Cold Therapy: Long warm showers or bath to help reduce stiffness and fatigue. Use cold treatments including ice packs to reduce joint pain, swelling & inflammation. 
  • Meditation and Relaxation: This can be a great way to cope with the daily pains of muscle and joints through reducing stress associated with pain. For best effects, combine meditation, relaxation, and breathing techniques with low-impact exercise
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