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Pure Shilajit Resin - 100g

Unlock the Potent Benefits: 100g Pure Organic Shilajit Resin from Himalayas. Click here to read more!
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Discover the powerful benefits of premium grade Shilajit with our 100g pure organic resin. An excellent choice for the frequent shilajit user or for the looking to get the best value out of buying Shilajit. A larger quantity consisting of superior quality shilajit, and unrivalled potency and purity in the UK. 

Our 100g shilajit resin is sourced from rare locations of the Himalayan mountains, offering an abundance of powerful vitamins and minerals. This raw organic adaptogen is also packed with fulvic acid and is 3rd party tested for potency and purity in every jar 

What Makes Edensgate The Best Shilajit Resin?

We hand pick the suppliers we work with to supply our cherished customers the very best shilajit resin available in the UK. From geographical sourcing locations, to filtration and testing, we ensure only the highest quality shilajit resin packed full of minerals and fulvic acid for true benefits that are unrivalled. 

Resin Collection Itself: Our organic shilajit resin is harvested from mineral rich areas of the Himalayas and is then processed under very cold conditions to ensure all minerals and fulvic acid its best preserved keeping the maximum amount of benefits sold in the final product.

Nutrient Dense Locations: Our shilajit resin is strictly extracted from mineral rich soil and rocks in high altitude environments giving our products significantly higher potency and effects.

Remediation For Quality & Purity: Our shilajit resin undergoes remediation techniques to ensure any contaminants or impurities are removed in the raw phase.

Testing & Quality Control: All of our shilajit resin products are 3rd party lab tested for potency, purity and safety. We only sell shilajit products that are safe to use, free of any contaminants and are packed full of minerals and fulvic acid. 


Shilajit, a natural resin cultivated over time through the decomposition of plant matter in mountainous regions, particularly the Himalayas, stands as a valuable source of minerals, fulvic acid, and bioactive elements. Revered in traditional healing practices like Ayurveda, it is acknowledged for its adaptogenic properties, promoting enhanced energy, vitality, and cognitive functions. Its rich mineral content is attributed to its origin in high-altitude areas and distinctive geological conditions. Shilajit is renowned for its ability to strengthen the immune system, enhance nutrient absorption, and provide antioxidants, making it a sought-after natural supplement for comprehensive well-being.


Fulvic Acid: supports the efficient absorption of essential nutrients, ensuring optimal nourishment for the body. This potent compound also acts as a powerful antioxidant, combating oxidative stress and promoting cellular health. Additionally, fulvic acid is celebrated for its ability to enhance energy levels, boost immune function, and aid in detoxification processes. Its versatile benefits make it a valuable supplement for those seeking to optimise their well-being and promote overall vitality.

Selenium: a trace mineral present in Shilajit, contributes to a range of health benefits. Known for its potent antioxidant properties, selenium helps protect cells from oxidative damage, supporting overall cellular health. This essential mineral plays a crucial role in the functioning of the immune system, aiding in the defence against infections and diseases. Selenium is also recognised for its role in thyroid function, promoting a healthy metabolism. In Shilajit, the combination of selenium with other natural compounds creates a synergistic effect, making it a valuable element in fostering holistic well-being and promoting optimal health.

Humic Substances: Humic substances in Shilajit contribute to its health benefits, acting as powerful antioxidants and aiding nutrient absorption. These organic compounds support cellular health, enhance energy levels, and play a vital role in detoxification. Shilajit's humic substances offer a holistic boost to well-being, promoting vitality and overall health.

Directions For Use

Scoop a pea sized amount of shilajit and stir well into a warm drink of your choice until fully dissolved. Shilajit can be added into some of your favourite hot brews to make the flavour more suited to your tastebuds! Use up to 3 times per day although best taken in the morning on an empty stomach for maximum absorption. 


100% pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin - 100g

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